13 Apr 2023
Kate Toporowski
Marketing Coordinator

Welcome to the Notable Boatables page, our feature on interesting vessels around the world that are using Helm CONNECT. If you want your vessel featured, get in touch with us here!

Introducing the A.P.T. JAMES – the coolest boatable in the Caribbean! This 94-meter passenger/ro-ro catamaran ferry is currently deployed in Trinidad and Tobago and boasts an impressive design. Deployed by NIDCO, this vessel is set apart by its advanced Austal signature raked bow and optimized hull design, making it one of the most technologically advanced ships in the region.

The A.P.T. JAMES is equipped with the latest “smart ship” technology, including an advanced Motion Control System, which ensures a comfortable and stable ride, even at high speeds of up to 37.5 knots. With a capacity for 926 passengers and 250 cars, this all-aluminium high-speed catamaran is used to transport both passengers and vehicles between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

NIDCO uses Helm CONNECT to streamline their operations for the A.P.T. JAMES and the other vessels in their fleet. With Helm CONNECT, NIDCO has efficiently streamlined various critical processes including maintenance, inventory management, asset tracking, forms management, and more. Helm CONNECT has become a great tool in supporting NIDCO’s commitment to excellence in maritime operations.

Experience a seamless journey with the A.P.T. JAMES, which is designed to provide passengers with a luxurious and efficient travel experience. Next time you’re in the Caribbean, hop on board and enjoy the ride!

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