08 Oct 2020
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Our Partner, Potamoi Industries

In 2019, Potamoi Industries became our third Helm Official Partner, and it has been smooth sailing ever since! By combining the power and flexibility of Helm CONNECT with Potamoi’s technical supplies, services, and expertise, this partnership offers inland companies a complete package: simplified maintenance and compliance plus hardware, software, integration set up, training, and ongoing support.

Established in 2017 by Timothy McCahill, Potamoi Industries is a maritime technologies company offering a variety of technical supplies and services to Pittsburgh, Upper Ohio, and the Great Lakes. After working with these companies for a few years, Tim realized that many of them need more than just help with marine electronics and computer systems. Tim was already aware of Helm CONNECT, having used it while working for his previous employer, and he knew it was the solution his customers needed.

“I really liked Helm CONNECT,” Tim told us. “I saw value in the product and how it could help the industry. Easy to use and very intuitive, Helm CONNECT is a simple platform to create and audit forms, build redundancy between boat and shore, and make all the information visible so the responsible parties can react. It keeps everybody in the know and communicating and I knew my customers could benefit from using it.”

“Setting up the partnership with Helm was fantastic,” Tim continued. “They have a great platform for bringing on partners and training them, making it easy to get up and running and selling. The whole process was seamless and fun. The level of support I’ve received during the partnership has also been excellent. Helm is always there and eager to help. They not only helped me answer questions when I needed it, but also trained me on what I was asking. Anybody can answer a question, but they actually took the time to explain why the issue was happening and gave me additional documentation on the website that I could use and pass on to my customers. This has been a key component of Helm’s support for me.”

In addition to selling, implementing, and supporting Helm CONNECT, Potamoi Industries provides customers with the necessary hardware, integrations, and top-down training they need to be successful in all technical aspects of their business, from compliance to navigation and beyond. Tim has over 20 years of experience in the marine industry—having worked as a deck hand, pilot, dispatcher, and IT Director—and draws from these experiences to help companies incorporate safety, compliance, analytics, and change-management strategies into their work structures to ensure they reach their directional achievements.

“Understanding the river industry and the operators on the boats, like the deckhands and the people actually filling out these forms, is so important to helping customers succeed. I’ve lived in their shoes as a pilot and deckhand, so I know what they do day-to-day and how difficult it can be when another daily task is added to their list. I work with these people to make their jobs as straightforward as possible.”

When asked about what makes the Potamoi Industries partnership with Helm Operations work, Tim said he believes it’s because both companies are driven by the common goal of customer satisfaction. “My favorite part is being able to provide a customer with a customized solution they want and need, and knowing I have the backing of Helm and their support team to help provide that solution,” Tim explained. “I enjoy working with Helm and I look forward to the future with them, growing, helping more companies, and bringing additional value to businesses through new modules like Helm CONNECT Dashboards.”

Chrystie Benson, Manager of the Helm Official Partner Program, added, “After my first meeting with Tim, I saw his passion and knew Potamoi Industries would be a great fit for the Helm Official Partner Program. Tim has a likeable, authentic quality about him and he’s always willing to go the extra mile for his customers. With his extensive experience in the maritime industry, Tim can speak the same language as his customers to build trust with them, and that’s really invaluable to me. I’m excited to see Potamoi Industries expand across the north eastern side of the US and become a house name in that area.”


I hope you enjoyed meeting Potamoi Industries! If you’d like to learn more about how they can use Helm CONNECT to simplify your operations, visit their website or contact Tim at tmccahill@potamoi.net.