30 Apr 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Industry leaders use Helm CONNECT to earn First Sub M Certificate of Inspection (COI) issued under new Coast Guard regulations for towing vessels


Tampa Bay –  Leading harbor towage operator Marine Towing of Tampa earned an industry first on April 20th, when its 86.7 foot, 4200 hp towing vessel Endeavor became the first vessel to be awarded a Certificate of Inspection (COI) for compliance under the US Coast Guard’s new stringent Sub M rules for towing vessel safety.


Marine Towing of Tampa, which operates a fleet of four vessels providing harbor docking, ship assist, and escort services on the west coast of Florida, is widely regarded as one of the most progressive and technically proficient towing vessel operators in the industry. In addition to investing in new, cutting-edge vessels which have won industry accolades for their use of new technology, they’ve also invested in software systems to modernize their operations, including Helm CONNECT, the industry’s leading system for vessel compliance management.


“Helm CONNECT has helped us streamline, simplify, and modernize our compliance operations.  In addition to the efforts of our great team here at Marine Towing, Helm CONNECT was a central part of our achieving compliance with Sub M and earning our first Certificate of Compliance, ” said Capt. Scott Moorhead, ISM Coordinator/DPA at Marine Towing of Tampa. To hear more from Capt. Scott Moorhead on his experience with Helm CONNECT, check out this article.


Helm CONNECT is the marine industry’s fastest growing platform for marine operations, including maintenance, compliance, and operations management. According to Helm Operations CEO Ron deBruyne, Marine Towing’s achievement reflects the spirit that led the company to develop Helm CONNECT, “We built Helm CONNECT to help operators like Marine Towing of Tampa more easily achieve compliance with regulations like Sub M, and we’re honored and excited to be part of this historic milestone for both Marine Towing of Tampa and the wider industry.”


This is the second industry first for Helm CONNECT under the Coast Guard’s new Sub M regulations. Alabama-based Ivy Marine made waves in September 2017 when it became the first towing vessel operator in the US to have its Towing Safety Management System, or TSMS, approved by the Coast Guard. Like Marine Towing of Tampa, Ivy Marine uses Helm CONNECT to help manage their vessel maintenance and compliance operations in line with domestic regulations.


Released in 2016, Helm CONNECT has emerged as one of the leading platforms for marine operations and vessel management, both globally and in the US. Today, Helm CONNECT is the most widely used marine software platform in North America, with some 40 percent of the fleet of the American Waterways Operators (AWO), the US’s largest association of ship owners and operators, using Helm software.

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