28 Apr 2021
Amanda Jones
Marketing Manager

Work rest tracking in Helm CONNECT

Working with a large amount of data in a table can be a frustrating experience. Without the right tools in place, you’re constantly counting boxes, double-checking columns and rows to make sure you’re entering data in the right place, and manually adding things up to see totals. Knowing these problems, we’re adding three new features to the Work Rest module in Helm CONNECT Version 1.22 that will make your work rest tracking easier than ever!

1. We’re adding summaries to selections on the work rest grid.

Now when you’re selecting cells it will show you the details of those cells in a status bar at the bottom of the page. The status bar displays the total hours selected for each crew member and breaks them down by type (working, resting, traveling, or on watch). As soon as you’re done selecting a group of cells, the status bar will update. This addition will let you quickly view the breakdown of hours for any crew member over any period of time to make sure they’re compliant.

Status bar tracking work rest hours in Helm CONNECT


2. We’re adding a new tooltip to the selection feature that will show the user the time range as well as the total time of the selection.

While the status bar at the bottom can show you the total number of hours after a selection has been made, the new tooltip feature will update the date range and total number of hours selected in real-time as the selection is being made. As soon as you start a selection on the grid, the tooltip appears as a small black box that follows your mouse so you can always easily see exactly what you’re selecting.

3. We’re adding row and column highlighting on selections.

Now when selecting cells, the row and column headers of the selected cells will be highlighted, making it easier for you to see which times and people you’re selecting.

New tooltip and column highlights make work rest tracking easier than ever


Have questions or want to see more? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about Work Rest, and stay tuned for more update announcements coming soon!