17 Jun 2017
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development
Victoria, BC – Today, software developer Helm Operations announced that it has signed on more than 50 commercial maritime companies to its innovative maritime software, Helm CONNECT, many who are trying to prepare for the publication of Subchapter M.
Helm CONNECT’s customers come from a variety of commercial maritime industries, such as fishing, ferries, research vessels, inland / coastal barging and pilotage vessels. The reason for the broad appeal of Helm CONNECT is its simplicity. “Businesses are craving software that’s easy for their people to use,” says Rodger Banister VP of Marketing at Helm Operations.
However, many towing vessel companies are also subscribing to Helm’s innovative software in an effort to prepare for Subchapter M. Jan Andrusky, Towing Manager of Marine Dredging and Construction company, Weeks Marine says, “We decided [to select Helm CONNECT] because it gives us the means to comply with AWO’s Responsible Carrier Program in preparation of USCG Subchapter M. Helm CONNECT really jumped off the page because of its user friendliness and reasonable pricing. Helm also gives us the ability to implement additional features easily in the future.”
Banister expects the interest in Helm CONNECT to continue to grow because commercial maritime companies are constantly searching for systems that help them get on top of their maintenance and compliance challenges – especially in light of the publication of new regulations like Subchapter M. “We keep hearing that they want something that’s easy to use to manage maintenance and close the loop on compliance. That’s what Helm CONNECT is all about.”
Helm just released its first major compliance solution, Helm CONNECT Forms, which allows vessel crew to easily track drills and safety meetings onboard, so that they’ll never have to turn in a piece of paper again. Following the successful launch of Forms, Helm will be releasing its full Compliance solution, which includes Audits, Corrective Actions and Document Control.
To learn more about Helm CONNECT and how it can help you stay compliant with Subchapter M regulations, book a demo with us today!