11 Apr 2023
Kate Toporowski
Marketing Coordinator

We’re excited to announce that Moxie Media’s Learning Management System (LMS) is now seamlessly integrated into Helm CONNECT at no extra cost for users. If you already use Moxie Media’s LMS and want to activate it on Helm CONNECT, simply contact your Account Manager, and they will enable it for you immediately.

Moxie Media develops training programs for the maritime industry that meet safety, health, security, maintenance, and regulatory compliance mandates such as Sub M, USCG, and IMO. Its LMS is user-friendly and tracks mariners’ training assignments, due dates, and course completions to ensure crew members are up to date with the latest compliance guidelines and regulatory standards.

The collaboration between Helm and Moxie has resulted in an integrated solution that empowers our customers to easily monitor and validate their employees’ training and certification. Moxie’s extensive library of maritime-specific eLearning courseware makes this possible. We are excited about this integration because we’re dedicated to simplifying the connections between our customers and their essential systems. This integration with Moxie LMS represents a significant advancement in the Helm CONNECT platform’s evolution towards improving customer success.

Martin Glenday, President of Moxie Media, announced that “our customers now have the ability to train, track, and report utilizing the Moxie LMS and have those records automatically available in Helm CONNECT, providing even greater value to users of both platforms. We feel that this integration will encourage greater use of both Moxie and Helm platforms, resulting in shipboard working environments that are even safer and more efficient for maritime operators and their crew members.”

If you’re already using Helm CONNECT and Moxie LMS, don’t wait – take advantage of this free integration today by getting in contact with us! 

Learn more about this integration by clicking here.