05 May 2022
Cheryl Predy
Marketing Coordinator

Thinking about Helm Conference?

Registration is now open! The Helm Conference is the learning event of the year and we are getting ready for you to join us this Sept. 21-23 in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Why is this the best conference you will ever attend? Engagement! We will keep you thinking, learning, engaging, and laughing the entire time. There is never a dull moment at Helm Conference. Right from the point you arrive, we’ll have you moving at high gear. At Helm Conference, we bring together our customers with thought leaders, industry pioneers, peers, and technology experts for high-energy learning, inspiration, and fun!

Helm CONNECT users from all over the world will come together to learn, explore, and discover the latest and greatest from Helm Operations and our partners. Attendees will meet the team behind Helm CONNECT, get inspired by stellar speakers, and learn valuable information from sessions that they can put to practice in their organizations.

Kick it all off with in-depth training: Helm U is in session Wednesday, September 21. From Foundation Streams to Super User Streams, the Helm CONNECT certification sessions offer participants a badge of honor – an official certification to share with their network and colleagues.

Choose from courses on admin basics to advanced admin, our train the trainer program, building better dashboards and reports, managing audits, and more! This is a critical day for managers to learn and strengthen their Helm CONNECT skills.

And expand your knowledge throughout the Conference: September 22 -23 where we share our story: Partner innovation is Helm innovation!

With partners from the Puget Sound to the North Sea, Helm Operations connects the industry to innovation, no matter where the technology is based. It’s through our innovative partnerships we revolutionize the marine technology ecosystem with shared product roadmaps, API plans, and integrations. We guarantee you’ll walk away with tips and tricks to serve your most valuable resource: your crew!

Don’t miss the early bird discount! Register before July 31 for all-access multi session passes and save $200