26 Jul 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Workboat Safety & Crew Engagement

Are you looking to transform your crews workboat safety practices in your organization?

With the growing number of rules and regulations businesses must comply with in the workboat industry, developing a safety culture has become an essential part of operations.

Ron deBruyne, CEO of Helm Operations, and Gregg Cochlan, Managing Director Canada of the Pacific Institute, a global agency that has worked with over half of the current Fortune 1000 companies on organizational performance, discuss how a safety culture can be adopted throughout the workboat industry.  For them, this critical change comes down to three essential elements: people, processes, and IT. These, combined with a growth mindset and proper organizational leadership, are the keys to successfully implementing change in any company.

ClickWorkboat Safety & Crew Engagement to download Getting your crew engaged with safety in the workboat industry, or join us at Helm Conference where keynote speaker Gregg Cochlan will discuss cutting edge ideas on how your company can not only improve its safety culture, but also increase your organizational and individual performance.