14 Jan 2021
Amanda Jones
Marketing Manager

Boat using Helm CONNECT

It’s time to get back to basics! Whether you’re an experienced user or new to Helm CONNECT, these five Helm Trick videos from our partners, Tug and Barge Solutions, can teach you some important basic skills and help you make the most of Helm CONNECT. If you haven’t yet seen the first two installments in this helpful video series, be sure to check them out here and here. Now, let’s take a look at what they have for us this time! 


Helm Trick 11: Differences Between Activities and Events 

Have you ever wondered whether you should be using an activity or an event in Helm CONNECT? Check out this Helm Trick to learn the difference between activities and events and how to log both in Helm CONNECT. 



Helm Trick 12: Setting Up a Planned Maintenance Schedule  

Do you want to set up your vessel’s planned maintenance schedule so you can complete maintenance tasks at specific intervals (like changing your oil filter every 500 hours for example)? Check out this Helm Trick to learn how to use maintenance templates to build out your planned maintenance from shore, then see what those routines and checklists will look like for your crew on board.  



Helm Trick 13: Omitting Forms 

Do you have questions about omitting forms? We have the answers! Check out this Helm Trick to learn the right way to omit a form so your to-do list doesn’t fill up with overdue forms. 



Helm Trick 14: Logging Tasks 

Logging a new task—such as a maintenance routine that needs to be completed onboard a vessel—is something many of you complete on a daily basis, but how do you know if you’re following best practices while doing so? This Helm Trick will walk you through the steps you should be following while logging a new task.  



Helm Trick 15: Removing Users 

This Helm Trick addresses one of the support questions we’ve heard most frequently since COVID-19 began: What’s the best way to remove a user or mark them as inactive in Helm CONNECT? 



Thanks again to our partners, Tug and Barge Solutionsfor creating these awesome videos! Be sure to check in with us again soon for more, and don’t forget to subscribe to TBS Safety on YouTube to stay up-to-date on all the Helm Tricks and the latest industry news.  


Stay safe everyone!