30 May 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Tug and Barge solutions helps Brown Water Marine with their safety management system by implementing Helm CONNECT

Brown Water Marine owns and operates 15 boats and 33 barges providing a wide variety of marine transportation services throughout the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. With Subchapter M coming into effect, Zane Brown, Safety and Compliance Manager at Brown Water Marine, knew they needed to get a system in place to better help them with their safety management system. When Zane Brown called Helm Operations to learn more about our Maintenance and Compliance software, Helm Official Partners Tug and Barge Solutions, was at the office and joined the conversation.

Tug and Barge Solutions helps tug operators with their safety management system by implementing their proven, turn-key solution for Subchapter M compliance using Helm CONNECT. Both Ivy Marine and Marine Towing of Tampa have earned their Subchapter M Certificate of Inspections through their system.

“The advantage we saw in going with Tug and Barge Solution’s safety management system was that it was the full package. We were getting not only Helm CONNECT, but a fully populated safety management system that was already built out for us. We didn’t have to start from scratch,” says Zane Brown.

Since implementing Helm CONNECT through TBS, Brown Water Marine’s paper work has gone down, and confidence in their compliance has gone up. “We did everything on paper before getting introduced to Helm and TBS. Version control and getting late information was an ongoing problem. I’d only get information during crew change which for us happens every 20 days. That’s paperwork 20 days late. Now, I no longer need to micro manage and I get the information I need in real time. Everyone on the boat knows what they need to do on a daily basis to ensure we stay compliant.”

If you’re interested in learning about the services Tug and Barge Solutions provides for us, contact us today!