30 Sep 2019
Amanda Jones
Marketing Coordinator

The countdown is on – Helm Conference is officially one week away! This will be our biggest Helm Conference yet with over 100 people in attendance, and we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without the support of our amazing sponsors. We’re very pleased to have The Seamen’s Church Institute, ioCurrentsthe ACTion groupPortX, and ShipTracks onboard with us! Each of these sponsors are industry experts with unique insights on how to bring additional value to your business, so we asked them to share their knowledge with us in Nashville.

Direct from Seamen’s Church: The Integration of Learning Management and Helm CONNECT
In the marine industry, there is currently an emphasis being placed on training and competency, so Jonathan Burson, e-learning Business Relations Manager at The Seamen’s Church Institute, will be joining us to discuss the integration of their Learning Management System with Helm CONNECT. The Seamen’s Church Institute is the largest and most comprehensive mariner’s service organization in North America, and they continually improve practices in the areas of mariner education, advocacy, health and wellness, and ministry. Jonathan’s presentation will outline the benefits of integrating these systems to reduce the risk of non-compliance and how to streamline processes, making it easier to access all the information needed to make decisions.

Smart Maintenance with ioCurrents and Helm 
Cosmo King, CEO of ioCurrents, will also be joining us at to demonstrate how their latest product, ioCurrents MarineInsight, integrates with Helm CONNECT to assist in the data tracking and maintenance of your equipment. He’ll be discussing how readings can be automatically logged into Helm CONNECT, reducing one more manual process, and how to use predictive analytics to look into the future and give you early warnings on problems before they become reality.

Correct Your Actions before you Wreck Your Actions: Corrective Actions in Helm CONNECT
We are excited to welcome Adam Foret, VP of the ACTion group, to Helm Conference. The ACTion group is an industry-leading safety management and certification company, and have recently become a Helm Official Partner. Adam’s focus will be on sharing valuable insights on what auditors are looking for and the next steps to take after an audit has been completed. He’ll discuss how to review and manage corrective actions in Helm CONNECT and how to close out the corrective action process after an audit so you can stay on top of them.

It’s Time to Deal With the Operational Elephant in the Room
When it comes to AI-assisted dispatch, there is no better expert than PortX. They have recently become a Helm Integrated Partner to unite their AI-based port dispatching system, OptiPort, with the Helm CONNECT platform. Using Helm CONNECT Jobs, powered by OptiPort’s AI engine, users can receive automated suggestions on the best towing vessel, departure time, and running speed based on the current schedule. At Helm Conference, Patrick Everts, General Manager of PortX, will discuss all the details of this integration and the role that AI plays in taking dispatching to the next level, saving users both time and money on an impressive scale.

Orders Optimization: Automate and Visualize with ShipTracks AIS
Last but certainly not least, Charles Riley, CEO of ShipTracks, will be doing an exciting product demo on how their AIS mapping technology integrates with Helm CONNECT to run assets more efficiently by utilizing real-time vessel position information. His presentation will dive into ShipTracks’ latest technology called “Arrivals”, which is designed to automate order entries for Helm CONNECT Jobs users by quickly allowing them to drag and drop order details. ShipTracks isn’t just for Helm CONNECT Jobs users – it is used by companies from all sectors of the maritime industry to make better informed decisions on scheduling vessel operations by getting quick access to exact asset positions.

In addition to these tantalizing talks, the conference days will be packed with presentations from our Helm team, a special guest presentation from Taylor Dickerson, Director Project Management Office at Kirby Corporation, and even you! This year we will be running an Unconference session, so come ready to discuss all the hot button topics that are on your mind.

With all this content, Helm Conference promises to be the best conference you attend all year. Don’t have your tickets yet? It’s not too late, but don’t delay – registration closes on Thursday, October 3rd, so register now. See y’all next week!