28 May 2019
Jonathan Cheng
Marketing Manager

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It’s been an incredibly busy May for all of us at Helm, and we couldn’t be happier with how our trade shows went. In just a few weeks, we visited Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, TX, and Inland Marine Expo (IMX) in St. Louis, MO. Let’s take a look at how they went!

At OTC, we joined forces with the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries. As part of their pavilion, in the Canadian section of the show, we got to show our stuff next to some other great Canadian companies. This was the largest trade show that we’ve ever attended, and it gave us a chance to meet tons of new people and introduce them to the impactful things that Helm CONNECT can do.

IMX allowed us to connect with plenty of current customers and launch our Barging Interest Group – more on that soon! It also let us bring a bit of Westeros to the show – what better place to do that than in the Gateway to the West? Attendees got a taste of power by sitting in our Iron Throne, and having a discussion about getting a seat at the table for the next big thing in the barging industry – our Barging Interest Group. This group will be responsible for guiding the development of a Barging and Fleeting module for Helm CONNECT; look for a blog post about all of that in the near future.

On the Iron ThroneHelm Employees On the Iron ThroneHelm On the Iron Throne







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