06 Aug 2019
Jonathan Cheng
Marketing Manager


Helm Conference, the marine industry’s best conference, is coming up soon! Taking place October 7-9 at the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Nashville, it’s full of unique learning sessions and networking opportunities. It’s also a great place for Helm CONNECT superusers (current or aspiring!) to come, as we’ll have a special Training Day with plenty of great topics. Let’s take a closer look at what this day is all about!

Our Helm Conference Training Day takes place on Monday, October 7, and is the single best day of the year to advance your Helm CONNECT knowledge. After a nutritious breakfast, you’ll dive into a blend of advanced sessions designed to help you get the most out of Helm CONNECT. Our team of Helm Implementation and Training Specialists will guide you through the following sessions (subject to change):

Monday, October 7

Session Description
Tariff Formulas Maximize revenue and minimize confusion: master different scenarios for your tariffs and contracts
Jobs Business Rules The Super Time-Saver: automating order updates based on business conditions
Reporting from Multiple Data Sources Level up your reporting: how to connect multiple data sources to Helm CONNECT
Reporting: Passing Audits Getting useful data for typical auditor requests quickly out of Helm CONNECT
People Certifications and Onboard Timesheets Training on the Onboard Personnel features available with People Certifications in 1.14 – ensure that you’re properly crewed and that everyone is fully certified
Maintenance by Metric Optimize your preventative maintenance by planning based any metric: fuel burn, oil consumption and more!
Recommended Configuration: New Hire Orientation From Set new hires (and yourself!) up for success by learning how to configure the best new hire training log in Helm CONNECT
Recommended Configuration: Lockout/Tagout In the US, OSHA requires lockout-tagout procedures to be audited yearly. Learn how to build this workflow to never get caught unprepared again
Recommended Configuration: Near Miss Form Never miss a near miss again – here’s how to configure the best Near Miss form
Latest features in Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Compliance Training on spotlighted features of the latest updates to Maintenance and Compliance
Latest features in Helm CONNECT Jobs Get up-to-speed with the latest in Jobs and see how it can help you
Latest features in Helm CONNECT Personnel Check out the shiniest, newest features in Personnel and why they matter


One of the highlights is the Reporting from Multiple Data Sources session. Data-driven decision making is becoming more important than ever, but most businesses have to deal with multiple streams of data coming from many different sources. This session will show you how to pull multiple internal and external data sources together in Helm CONNECT to make your reporting easier and more powerful than ever before, giving you the insights you need to make confident decisions.

Audits are a hot topic right now, and it seems like coast guard activity is in overdrive. Audits are stressful, time-consuming and painful – that is, unless you’re using Helm CONNECT. The Reporting: Passing Audits session will show you how to best prepare for an audit, enabling you to get data out of Helm CONNECT and ensuring that you and your crews are always ready and compliant. Have the right workflows and processes in Helm CONNECT and you’ll be on your way to passing audits with flying colors!

To learn how to use Helm CONNECT to trigger custom metric-based (including fuel burn) maintenance routines, join our Maintenance by Metric session. This is a brand new feature that allows you to optimize maintenance routines through whatever metrics matter to you, such as fuel consumption, oil consumption, running time and calendar days. With this session, you’ll learn how to upgrade your current implementation to take advantage of this feature, resulting in more accurate and effective maintenance schedules. A can’t-miss for any operator!

You’ll be able to select which sessions you’d like to attend, and there will be plenty of value here, no matter which vertical you’re in. What’s more, the value here is incredible, as the comparative cost to get a Helm trainer for a day is much higher than a Training Day pass. You can register here. All-Access Passes are also available for those wanting to experience the entire Helm Conference, where we spend more time with speakers, networking, and fun. Either way, you won’t want to miss this – see you in Nashville!