18 May 2021
Amanda Jones
Marketing Manager

STCW Compliance in Just 3 Clicks

In Helm CONNECT Version 1.22, we’re adding several new features and improvements to the Work Rest module to make it more powerful and easier to use. If you haven’t already read the first post in this series, you can check it out here. Another feature we’re particularly excited to share is a simple checkbox that makes it easy to follow the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) rules!

When validating the features of Work Rest with various companies in the industry, one common piece of feedback we heard was that most of the time, users just wanted to follow the STCW rules. To make compliance with this as easy as possible, we bundled the STCW rules together as a single checkbox. From the Work Rest tab, enabling this feature only takes 3 clicks! When this box is selected, rule configuration is completed and the Work Rest grid will automatically notify you when crew members are out of compliance based on the STCW rules.

The STCW compliance checkbox in Helm CONNECT

However, since some mariners aren’t subject to STCW rules, we also built a powerful rules engine into Work Rest to allow companies to build the custom rule sets they want their crew to follow. Here companies can set the maximum amount of work per time period for each rule group (crew position), as well as the minimum amount of rest required per time period for each rule group. Once these rules are set, the Work Rest grid will tell you which crew members are out of compliance based on the rules you set for their position.

Custom work rest rules for those who don't have to comply with STCW


Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more Helm CONNECT Work Rest update announcements coming soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions or want to see more of the features in action you can get in touch with our team—they’d love to help!

Happy Helm-ing!