23 Jun 2022
Cheryl Predy
Marketing Coordinator

Helm Conference training day

Helm Conference is the key event for our Helm CONNECT community each year, and it all starts Wednesday, September 21 with a deep dive of in-person training!

Join us for a full day of high-energy Helm learning; Helm CONNECT Training Day provides comprehensive advanced user training at an unbeatable price. We’ll offer students a badge of honor for successful completion: an official Helm CONNECT expert certification that you can share with your LinkedIn network.

This is a critical day to strengthen and expand your skillset. By attending, you will receive advanced, hands-on training to take your Helm CONNECT usage and performance to the next level:

  • Learn advanced techniques and ways of using Helm CONNECT to help your company grow
  • Learn in a small class-size, face-to-face environment for maximum results
  • Walk away empowered, ready to share your advanced Helm CONNECT knowledge with your team

We’re working to provide you with the best lineup of courses possible and are excited to share a sneak peek of those classes now:

Advanced billing techniques with Helm CONNECT Jobs Billing is critical, and keeping billing processes organized is a key factor for our customers. In this session we will be addressing several complex scenarios: we will practice producing multiple invoices at the same time, creating transactions for multiple customers based on a single job, and look at how we can keep complexity under control and avoid missed billing.

Using Helm CONNECT Jobs to Plan Your Dispatch   A key course for Helm CONNECT Jobs users, this session will cover best practices when using Helm CONNECT Jobs as a planning tool and how to leverage crew efforts to reduce data entry on shoreside and improve data accuracy.

New Features in Helm CONNECT Maintenance   Join us for an in-depth look at what’s new in Maintenance and some exciting features that you’ll want to use in your environment! We’ll cover new permissions, task notifications, and all the latest updates in Helm CONNECT Maintenance.

Maintenance Failure Analysis Using Custom Fields in Helm CONNECT Tasks   Equipment or component failure leads to significant costs to your business: unintended downtimes affect your bottom line. Let’s build some standards for asset management! This advanced masterclass will help you identify risks through a failure analysis, using the data that already exists in your operations, and point out corrective actions that can prevent the failure from re-occurring.

New Features in Helm CONNECT Compliance  This session explores Compliance new features that we know you’ll find exciting! We’ll cover updates to building the Document Library, permission configuration, corrective action notifications, and form titles and labels. Our latest updates in Compliance were prioritized by your feedback: we’ll explain the critical updates

Risk Analysis Using Helm CONNECT Compliance Forms  In this session, we’ll review how to build a risk analysis process. We’ll cover how to log the information, how to identify the probability and impact of a risk, and how to add the corresponding corrective action to control that risk. An in-depth review of forms and reporting will also be covered.

Advanced Auditing Workflows Using Helm CONNECT Compliance  Take auditing to the next level. In this course we’ll cover advanced use of forms and audits to log the findings done onboard. From start to finish, we’ll walk you through the entire auditing process and cover all the tasks required to complete an audit.

Closing the Loop on Certifications and Training Using Helm CONNECT Forms  Organizations usually require formal documentation to back up training records. How do you track participation in training courses when you don’t want to use certifications to do so? We’ll show you how, using Helm CONNECT forms and reports.

Leveraging Maintenance by Metric  Optimize your preventive maintenance regime by planning maintenance based by actual machine wear to avoid approximation. This session will show how to define new cumulative reading types, configure maintenance templates, and define maintenance template schedules that call upon any cumulative reading type.

Handling Vacation Banks, Overtime, and Manual Adjustments with Payroll  Interested in learning how Helm CONNECT payroll configuration can tackle complicated payroll scenarios? Let’s show you how to automate a complex process! This session provides a review of auto-calculations for vacation pay and how to pay your crew overtime, and we’ll lead a discussion on the best approach to manual adjustments.

Advanced Reporting in Helm CONNECT  Reporting is key for decision making, whether it be to calculate KPIs or for tracking the information logged in Helm CONNECT. In this advanced masterclass, we’ll cover data sources available in Helm CONNECT and how to create and extract tables, connect tables to Excel via the API, and model information using Power Query. We’ll review examples of reports and lead a discussion to define which reports would be most useful to your organization.

Join us for Helm Conference Training Day!  You’ll meet the people behind Helm CONNECT, get inspired by our exceptional trainers, and learn valuable information from our sessions that you can immediately put into practice. This Training Day is available on its own, or as part of the Helm Conference All-Access Pass. Hurry, space for Helm Conference Training Day is limited, so register today and don’t miss a thing!