30 Jun 2020
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Helm Operations Q2 Review: New Release, New Product, New Resources

Well, this quarter has been a bit of a crazy one hasn’t it? Although our entire team has been working from home since the middle of March, we continued to ensure your success by putting out a new release, launching a new product, and providing resources to help you through this economic downturn.


Meet the Release: Helm CONNECT 1.19

Our second release of the year is here with some powerful new features and enhancements! Some notable updates include improvements to the omit feature for overdue items in Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Compliance, additional ways to view payroll rules in Helm CONNECT Personnel, and some helpful new change logs for Helm CONNECT Jobs and the platform. To learn more about all the changes we made in Helm CONNECT 1.19, check out our blog and the release notes.


Have You Heard? Dashboards Are Here!

Meet Dashboards for Maintenance and Compliance, the newest Helm CONNECT product that will allow you to reduce downtime, prove compliance, and manage your operations better than ever. By combining data sources across Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Compliance into a Power BI dashboard, you can easily visualize and filter all your data in one place. You can then share the information quickly with upper management, shore staff, and crew to increase performance awareness throughout your organization. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to book a demo!


COVID-19 Resources

One of our primary focuses this past quarter has been providing our customers with COVID-19 related resources and services to help make this economic downturn easier. In addition to our “Here to Help” program, we also wrote blog posts on how to help keep your crew safe during the pandemic using Helm CONNECT and on what tools you can use while working remotely to increase communication with your team. With more and more restrictions being lifted and people returning to work, we’ll continue to provide you with additional resources in the next quarter to ease this transition.


Tug and Barge Safety on YouTube

We weren’t the only ones coming up with new ideas to bring additional value to our customers during these difficult times; our partners Tug and Barge Solutions created a YouTube channel! Through this platform, they’re sharing their industry knowledge in a ton of valuable videos like Coast Guard updates during COVID-19, what different onboard drills looks like, the difference between using the USCG and TPOs, and even some tricks to make you a better Helm CONNECT user. Subscribe to their channel to stay up-to-date on all the latest industry and Helm CONNECT news!


Odyssey Marine Grows Business with Helm CONNECT

Odyssey Marines Pilot boat operating in Port Hedland, AustraliaOdyssey Marine is an industry leading provider of inshore vessel services in Western Australia. They have a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and reliability, and required a software system that matched this approach to operations. That’s why they chose Helm CONNECT. “Helm CONNECT allows our marine crew to log into one system and immediately know what needs to be completed for that day and in the longer term,” Chris Hedges, the company’s Marine Manager, told us. “The ease with which we can build a new template and assign that to the desired assets is amazing. Our marine crew will come to us saying that it would be great if we could do this in the system, and often we have it completed and operational in the next hour. Helm CONNECT has been so easy for all levels of employees to embrace.” Check out this interview to learn more about Odyssey Marine’s experience with Helm CONNECT and how it’s allowing them to grow their business.


Welcome Aboard!

This quarter we brought 30 additional assets from 11 new customers in South America, Asia, and North America onto Helm CONNECT, including:

  • GoGalapagos from Ecuador
  • Austal VietNam Co., Ltd from Vietnam
  • Matthew Brothers, Inc. from Mississippi
  • McKinney Towing from Louisiana
  • Northstar Marine from New Jersey
  • Whitaker Marine Group from Kentucky
  • Alexis Marine from Louisiana

Welcome aboard everyone and thanks for choosing Helm!


What’s Next?

In addition to enjoying the sunshine here in Victoria, we’ll be working on some exciting new things next quarter, including a new release and some big changes to Helm CONNECT Personnel. Stay tuned for more information on that coming soon!

That’s all for now, but be sure to check in again soon for more content. In fact, a great way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, The Connector. You’ll get a look at what happened each month and what’s coming up from us – subscribe now! In the meantime, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or book a demo

See you next quarter!