07 May 2018
Peter Rowand
Marketing and Business Development

Upper River Services

Upper River Services operates six towing vessels as well as two shipyards providing barge towing, fleeting, cleaning, and repair services along the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

Before using Helm CONNECT Maintenance, Upper River Services had another system in place. However, they were finding it wasn’t very user friendly for their crew and it was hard to find information in history. “Our previous system was built with a technical user in mind and didn’t fit well with our crew. We needed something that provided us with consistent data our people would actually use,” says Nate Bray- Marks, Head of Operations.

“Switching over to Helm CONNECT Maintenance has been a big win for us. The crew are actually willing to use the product, so I get consistent logs and can get a more complete picture of all my vessels.”

Tracking maintenance at a more granular level with automated timelines has been another huge advantage for the company.

“Helm CONNECT has helped us build out even the smallest details of our maintenance. It’s more thorough, so we know every piece is being tracked and upkept. We can now better forecast what’s on the horizon for maintenance and quickly access what we’ve done recently. If I want to see how many oil changes we’ve done this year, it’s all right there. I can pull it up quickly in history across my whole fleet.”

In addition to their vessels, Upper River Services uses Helm to track their land based assets including cranes and facility warehouses.

“I get better depth not only into my boats but across my entire organization. I can oversee everything in one single system.”

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