05 Jul 2018
Ashley Dueck
Marketing Manager

Helm Operations Team

Since we launched Helm CONNECT two years ago, things have taken off at lightning speed. In the US, almost 40% of the fleet of the American Waterways Operators (AWO) now use Helm CONNECT, and more than 126 customers with some 3000 vessels use our software around the globe. This year, we’ve opened a full-time office in The Netherlands to better serve our European market. In South America, we now have a team dedicated to serving companies both in Spanish and Portuguese.

As our market share continues to grow, so does our product and our team. We are excited to announce we are looking for an additional Product Manager to join us in our Victoria based office.

We take feedback to heart and are constantly validating with our customers to ensure our product is meeting the industry’s needs. To continue progressing the product, our Product Managers are on the ground talking to customers, both on vessels and in the office, ensuring we understand their problems and present new, more efficient and user friendly ways to solve them.

Our team makes up who we are, and we couldn’t be prouder of it. If you or someone you know, has experience talking to customers, love solving problems, are a natural with software, live for international travel, and enjoy working among a team of all stars, then come join us!