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Helm Integrated Partners

Integrations that optimize your operations.

At Helm Operations, our brand promise is to connect the maritime industry like no other technology company. To achieve this, we work with leading maritime technology companies to further the pace of innovation and provide better tools for our customers. Below are the companies we partnered with to bring cutting-edge technology and approaches to the market.

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Discover cost savings through advanced dispatch optimization.

  • AI-based port dispatching system from PortX which integrates seamlessly with Helm CONNECT.
  • Dramatically improve harbor towage scheduling by using AI to optimize vessel dispatch based on crew working hours, currents, fuel consumption and more.
  • Dynamically refines harbor schedules every three minutes, creating the most cost-effective dispatch schedules for any harbor or fleet.
  • Receive automated suggestions on the best towing vessel, departure time, and running speed.
  • Provides savings of up to US$200,000 per tug annually due to reduced fuel consumption, crew overtime, and chartering of third-party tugs.



Get real-time vessel position information through AIS mapping. 

  • Access ShipTracks functionality like vessel location and route history from within Helm CONNECT. 
  • Use data provided by AIS technology to run assets more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Make more informed decisions about about which resources to use on a job and how to best schedule vessel operations by getting quick access to exact ship/resource positions. 
Marine Compliance Forms

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