With Helm CONNECT you'll never lose your data if you lose your Internet connection.

Get on top of your Maintenance and Compliance

Helm CONNECT is software that takes away the pain of managing your maintenance or compliance by paper, email or another software system. Here’s why – Helm CONNECT is designed specifically to reduce the amount of paper floating around in your organization and be as simple to use as scribbling down something on paper. So your people will love using it because it makes their work and lives easier.

Gone are the days of trying to remember whether or not you’ve missed anything in your maintenance or compliance program, or wondering whether or not your crew or engineers have really done what they said they did onboard your boats. Say goodbye to redundant data entry, or not knowing how you can improve on your maintenance program and be better prepared for an audit. Say hello to Helm CONNECT.

Helm CONNECT is available separately as planned maintenance and compliance software. But the combination of the two modules gives you, your shore-based teams and your crew total visibility over your fleet maintenance and compliance.


Built for maritime

Helm has been developing software solely for the maritime industry for the last 17 years, so we understand how the industry operates and the challenges with software use by crew and engineers.


Helm CONNECT isn’t a large software module. It’s made up of applications, so you only have to buy what you need to solve your maintenance and compliance issues.

Easy to use

Helm CONNECT is different. It’s designed by vessel crew and engineers, and tested with them to ensure it’s easy to use and helps them do their jobs better. It’s also configurable, so you can set up all your own templates, checklists and inspections the way you want them.

Overview Crew

Easy to Install

Do you have computers that can connect to the Internet? Then you have everything you need to run Helm CONNECT. And even though Helm CONNECT is web-based, you don’t need a connection to work in it.

Quick to learn

No one likes software training, so we design and test our software to ensure that it’s simple to use. That way crew and engineers only have to learn how to use it once, then it all makes sense.

Secure in the cloud

Helm CONNECT is hosted by Amazon Web Services, so you can rest assured that your system will always be up and running and your data is protected by the global leader in data security.