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Never lose track of any work orders again with Helm CONNECT Maintenance


Helm CONNECT Planned Maintenance

Unplanned maintenance and break fixes aren’t just annoying, they can also damage your reputation with customers and ultimately affect your profitability. Reacting fast to an unplanned issue is crucial. 

Helm CONNECT Maintenance can reduce maintenance expenses and increase the life and performance of your equipment by standardizing and improving your maintenance routines. Track the full maintenance history for each asset or piece of equipment. Ensure your vessels stay within regulatory compliance by organizing all planned maintenance tasks in one centralized system and be well prepared for both internal and external audits.

Helm CONNECT Maintenance was developed to mitigate unplanned breakdowns and to develop consistent, efficient maintenance routines. 

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Helm CONNECT Onboard is just one part of Maintenance. Onboard gives vessel-based crew one simple view of all tasks assigned to that particular vessel.

Onboard is designed for the crew on the vessel. It provides specific vessel spaces including Engine Log, Mate's Desk, and Wheelhouse. Each space shows only the information relevant to operations on board. Onboard is a portal in which all vessel based routines, tasks, inspections, and maintenance is easily found, completed, and logged. All planned maintenance requirements can be viewed on one screen.

Key Benefits

  • Full history of all logged work quickly filtered by last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days for quick review.
  • Shows all inspections and maintenance items that are assigned to each vessel space and filters these tasks by their due date.
  • Extra area to log custom or unique work completed.
  • Room to add a photo when it's required.
  • Allows for quick and simple entry of all the tasks scheduled and completed during rounds.

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Helm CONNECT Dashboard is made specifically for shore personnel, it is a key component of Maintenance. The Dashboard allows fleet managers to see the status of each vessel at a glance; how many overdue tasks a vessel has, if any readings are out of spec, and the number of planned, unplanned, and drydock action items relating to each vessel.

The Dashboard is set up with a card view for each vessel, but that's not all; from here each vessel can be isolated to show a more in depth view of activity and readings. Filter items here by severity, who is assigned to tasks, by tags, even division and people related to tasks. The simplicity of the main dashboard is offset by vast amounts of data and reporting available on each vessel, and all at the click of a button.

Key Benefits

  • One-screen-snapshot of your vessel activity.
  • Easily identify those vessels with unusual readings.
  • Ability to drill down into each piece of information from one screen.
  • Keep track of all maintenance tasks, including non-critical tasks so nothing gets lost.

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Helm CONNECT Inspections allows you to manage your inspections and surveys based on your customer requirements, vessel specifications, ISM, TMSA, RCP or Sub M regulations, and more. Using Inspections, shore personnel can view all the inspection templates assigned to the fleet. In the History tab the result of reports from each template is available, including any resulting deficiencies. Both sections can be filtered by tags or vessel.

Key Benefits

  • Inspection tasks don’t get lost and specific vessel or component history can be extracted for easier compliance reporting.
  • Eliminates the need to manually share templates with vessels.
  • Recall any completed inspection or checklist on the spot to satisfy an audit or inspection.
  • Quickly see which templated inspections are assigned to each vessel.

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Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance is centered around the hours-based routines for all your vessels. In a similar way that Inspections tracks checklists, Planned Maintenance tracks routines and readings. In the History tab all completed routines are found. Historical data can be filtered and exported by vessel, system, even people involved in the routine. 

Helm CONNECT Planned Maintenance also gives you the ability to see a pattern or trend in system and component performance. Recall any completed routine on the spot to satisfy an audit or inspection.

Key Benefits

  • Trending data allows you to be proactive and find issues before they happen.
  • Easy inspection history extraction enables you to prove compliance on the spot.
  • Satisfies your customer demands to have a digital system to track maintenance and compliance.

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Helm CONNECT Requisitions makes tracking and ordering of critical spares a breeze. Smooth communications between vessels and shore means requests and low stock levels can be addressed immediately. Critical spare levels can be set on an individual vessel basis or for your entire fleet. With Helm CONNECT Requisitions you can be sure to never lose a part number again, better yet, each member of your team can work from the one order book. 

Key Benefits

  • Easily make a request for items on-board, see what’s already on order, and track the request status. 
  • Automatically generate requisitions on-board based on minimum/maximum stock levels.
  • Build your parts list as you go:  shore personnel can add parts on the fly to organically grow their inventory.
  • On the shore, get full visibility into requisitions and critical spare levels on one vessel or the entire fleet. 

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