Through Helm Jobs, some of our customers have discovered billing errors
that result in revenue increases of over $1 million annually. 


Workboat operators who want to bring more efficiency and sophistication to their billing and fleet deployment choose Helm.  It manages 1000+ vessels globally and ensures the accurate and timely billing of more than one billion dollars for our clients annually.

Watch an overview of Helm CONNECT Jobs 


Increase visibility, efficiency and profitability

  • Improve your bottom line by automating the invoicing process and helping to eliminate billing errors and missed billing opportunities
  • Streamline and automate tariff management to greatly increase your efficiency and decrease the demands on your resources
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency by centralizing your dispatching system and eliminating redundant data entry — enter information once and have it propagate throughout your departments
  • Improve vessel utilization and increase your profits with better visibility into your fleet and customer commitments
  • Manage customer rebates, catch customer contracts before they expire, and be armed with better data before negotiating rate discounts
  • Communicate seamlessly with your vessels Helm CONNECT Jobs creates jobs and assigns vessels, then immediately communicates the information to the vessels