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Ensure your crew never fill out outdated forms again


Helm CONNECT Forms makes it easy for your staff and crew to track drills, safety meetings, incidents and other activities. If you’re currently using paper forms, or digital forms in a format like Excel to collect information and monitor the compliance of your vessels, you know the entire process can be cumbersome, slow and confusing.

With Forms, you’ll increase your efficiency by being able to create and distribute forms instantly to a portion of your vessels or your entire fleet, and remove the cumbersome aspect of tracking down the right form by filtering and searching for forms easily in the Forms library. And because Helm CONNECT Forms, like all other CONNECT applications, is easily customizable, you can create all of your forms by yourself – right in Helm CONNECT. And of course, Helm’s local storage and data transfer allows your crews to complete and submit forms even while disconnected from the Internet.

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Key Benefits

  • Easily build custom forms to meet your specific needs.
  •  Stay compliant by ensuring the most current version of all forms are being used by your crews.
  • Make it easy for your crew to find the right form, to complete it and submit it so they can get back to their job.
  • Stay updated by receiving notifications when forms have been submitted and need approval, where shore approval has been specified.
  • Quickly retrieve the history of form records and data.
  • Keep your crew informed by simply attaching documents or files to any form they receive.
  • All Forms history is exportable to Excel, or viewable in history so you can track form submissions, missed forms and even fields that were filled out.
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