27 Jun 2022
Cheryl Predy
Marketing Coordinator


Seawork was hot! Literally! There was a heatwave in the UK last week during Seawork 2022, the largest European commercial marine exhibition hosted in sweltering Southampton – and Helm was there, staying cool amidst all the action.

At this event, we were delighted to be part of the Reygar Marine Systems family and to call their stand “home” for 3 days (thanks Reygar!). Together with Reygar, our Helm expert, Alex Beiza, engaged with our European and British workboat users,  discussing and demonstrating exciting new ways to capture and consolidate critical data with Helm CONNECT and Reygar’s flagship remote monitoring and reporting platform, BareFLEET. Our integrated solution provides a suite of cloud-based data measurements for vessel operators:

  • Vessel fuel consumption and emissions for each job can be identified, and vessel activity logged in Helm CONNECT
  • Fuel consumption can be associated for each job, and associated within invoices generated by Helm CONNECT
  • View Helm CONNECT activity timelines within BareFLEET portal, alongside continuous vessel measurements for fuel consumption, vessel speed, RPM, motion, and impact force
  • Capture data points relevant for ESG reporting and statistics

Want to learn more about this integration? Let’s talk!

What’s so unique about Seawork – it is an exciting combination of undercover exhibition space, open air demonstrations and floating displays. And in case you missed it, here are few pictures from the 2022 exhibition:

seawork docks

Our summer events calendar is quiet a few months, while we prepare for our own Helm Conference held in late September in Victoria BC.
Our next European event will be the European Tugowners Association annual meeting, on the island of Tenerife, Spain, from September 6 – 9.  We look forward to seeing you soon!