27 Aug 2019
Amanda Jones
Marketing Coordinator

Helm Conference 2019

From October 7th – 9th, the maritime industry’s best event will be bringing its unique blend of content and fun to the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown in Nashville, TN. Helm Conference will combine hard-hitting and practical sessions with fun and engaging activities that will leave you armed and inspired to help your company grow right away. From passenger vessels to barging, or OSVs to harbor docking, there will be plenty to discover at Helm Conference no matter what vertical you’re in.

So what types of sessions can attendees expect to see? Here’s a list of some of the sessions (subject to change).

Helm Conference 2019 Agenda

  • Depth Sounding: The Current State of Helm CONNECT
  • Next-Level Dispatch: The Rise of AI
  • Jobs Masterclass: Tracking Market Share, Utilization, and other important metrics
  • Maintenance Masterclass: Tracking Maintenance Time, Costs, and other advanced KPIs
  • Center Stage Compliance: How to Set Yourself up for Audit Success
  • Crouching Function, Hidden Weapon: Helm CONNECT Personnel
  • So an Auditor Walks onto a Boat: How to Avoid being an Audit Punchline
  • Correct Your Actions before you Wreck Your Actions: Corrective Actions in Helm CONNECT
  • How to Win Friends and Influence Users: Lessons from a Helm CONNECT Implementation
  • Event Horizon: How Event Logs can Streamline your Workflow
  • Go BIG or Go Home: Helm CONNECT Barging
  • Behind the Curtain: The Agile Development Process
  • We’ve Only Just Begun: The Future of Helm CONNECT
  • …and a few surprise sessions that we’ll announce later!


Here are some of the highlights that you won’t want to miss!

Auditing and Compliance

Auditing and compliance will be key topics at the conference this year. Our very own Cooper Barry, VP of Product, will be running two sessions to make sure you can show that you’re SubM/TMSA/ISM compliant. When an auditor walks onto a boat, your crew are asked to prove compliance in a number of areas. Cooper will dive into the different regulations, and discuss how Helm CONNECT solves each compliance requirement and which areas in the platform allow your team to quickly and confidently prove compliance. Each attendee will also get a print-out of our compliance audit – a hardcopy line-by-line breakdown of how to configure and navigate through Helm CONNECT from an auditor’s perspective. He’ll also be presenting on how to set yourself up for auditing success from the very beginning to make audits a breeze!

In addition, we’ll have Adam Foret, Vice President of the ACTion group, at Helm Conference. The ACTion group is an industry leading safety management and certification company, and have recently become a Helm Official Partner. Adam’s focus will be on sharing valuable insights on what auditors are looking for and the next steps to take after an audit has been completed. He’ll discuss how to review and manage corrective actions in Helm CONNECT so you can stay on top of them.

At the end of these sessions, you will learn:

  • How to best configure Helm CONNECT to allow you to be auditable and compliant
  • Tools and tips on how to set up your reporting to better support proof of compliance
  • Which areas of the app to navigate to when an auditor steps on your boat
  • How to close out the corrective action process after an audit is completed

Helm Conference 2019


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Optimize Dispatch

We are excited to announce that Vincent van Os, Managing Director of PortX will be joining us to demonstrate how AI can be used to optimize vessel dispatch. We’ve recently partnered with PortX to integrate their AI-based port dispatching system, OptiPort, with the Helm CONNECT platform. At Helm Conference, attendees can expect to learn all the details about this integration and the role that AI plays in taking dispatching to the next level, saving users both time and money on an impressive scale.


The Future of the Helm CONNECT Platform 

In the final session of the Conference, Helm CEO, Ron deBruyne, will provide insight into our strategic plan for 2020 and beyond, which focuses on creating a true maritime ecosystem through new partnerships, emerging technologies, and of course, your feedback. From this presentation you will learn about:

  • How integrated partnerships will continue to grow the Helm platform even faster, bringing more options and more value to our customers
  • How the financial backing of our parent company, Volaris, allows us to acquire new functionality and build entirely new modules
  • How Helm is monitoring emerging technologies and helping to bring the ‘best of breed’ to market
  • How the Helm product team gathers and incorporates customer feedback in order to drive continuous improvement


Helm Conference promises to be the best conference you’ll attend all year, with valuable insights, practical learnings and impactful networking. Early bird pricing ends August 31st, so register now, and stay tuned for more details!