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Helm CONNECT Dashboards

For Maintenance and Compliance

Reduce downtime, prove compliance, and manage your operations better than ever using Helm CONNECT Dashboards.

By combining data sources across Helm CONNECT Maintenance and Compliance into a Power BI dashboard, you can easily visualize and filter your data all in one place. This information can quickly be shared with upper management, shore staff, and crew to increase performance awareness throughout your organization.


  • Immediately identify critical issues on your components. Identify alerts, out of spec readings, and overdue tasks on critical components across your fleet.
  • Improve asset utilization. Schedule your fleet based on upcoming maintenance routines, drydocks, and critical tasks to minimize downtime.
  • Accurately forecast upcoming maintenance across your fleet. Plan for upcoming work with predictive date forecasting. 
open items dashboard view
Fleet performance overview dashboard

Fleet Performance 

  • Make data driven decisions. Monitor trends, analyze performance on completions by crew or asset, and track spending to better manage your operations.
  • Track trends in fleet and crew performance. Track each asset and crew by percentage of items completed on time and compare it against your own thresholds or year over year metrics.
  • Prove compliance. Show charterers, auditors, or other stakeholders KPIs and trends critical for ISM, TMSA, Subchapter M, and other regulations

Open Tasks

  • Reduce unnecessary downtime. Filter maintenance across critical systems to ensure your crew is addressing the most important items first.
  • View data at multiple levels. Display top level data or drill down to detailed reports to create dashboard views for all levels of your company.
  • Monitor upcoming items. Track all open items across your entire fleet and clearly see which ones will be due in the next week, month, or beyond.
open items dashboard view
Marine Inventory

Requisitions and Budget

  • Measure costs. Track spending across various categories to build an in-depth budget.
  • Optimize your parts spending. Monitor individual requisitions and part requests against your budgets to identify where you can cut or optimize costs.

Drill Matrix

  • Manage drills easily. Ensure your crew and assets have completed the required number of drills each week/month/year using the Drill Matrix.
  • Gain insights with filtered lists. Use filters to quickly determine all crew and assets that haven’t completed specific drills.
Marine Requisitions
Marine Requisitions

Crew Certifications

  • Stay on top of certifications. Use filters to display certifications that are already expired, have upcoming expiry dates, or are required to operate so you know which ones to tackle first.

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