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No matter your needs, Helm is here for you.

As a modern software system, Helm CONNECT is designed to integrate, and the most successful Helm CONNECT subscribers use a variety of integrations keep their operations running at the highest level of efficiency. In order to facilitate this, we maintain a team of business analysts and software developers that you can rely on to plan, develop, and deploy integrations for almost any system you may want to interface with.

Our Solutions

User Integrations

Syncs personnel records between Helm CONNECT and a separate system to ensure proper identity management and improve security.

Purchase Order Integrations

Transfers confirmed requisitions in Helm CONNECT to a separate purchasing system and appropriately closes them in Helm CONNECT once they’ve been ordered and received.

Accounts Receivable Integrations

Transfers all AR and AP transactions created in Helm CONNECT to your accounting system to eliminate the manual transfer of data, improving data accuracy and invoicing efficiency.

Customer Integrations

Transfers relevant customer data from a separate system into Helm CONNECT to eliminate errors caused by redundant data entry.

Helm CONNECT module required for user integration

User Integrations

Whether it’s a payroll or HR system, or an identity management service like Microsoft Active Directory, you likely have a system other than Helm CONNECT that manages employee information. With user integrations, when a personnel record is created or updated in one system, the integration will automatically update that record in the other. This ensures proper identity management, improves IT security, and simplifies the management of users in Helm CONNECT.

What data can be transferred?

User integrations are highly flexible, but typically bring in the following types data:

  • Personal information (e.g. name, employee number, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Current and historical positions
  • Current and historical payroll classes
  • Any custom fields you’d like tracked in Helm CONNECT

Purchase Order Integrations

Purchase order integrations transfer all requisitions that have been marked as “confirmed” in Helm CONNECT to your purchasing system to be ordered. Once ordered and received, the purchasing system can then update the requisitions in Helm CONNECT so they can be appropriately closed. With this integration, you’ll save time by eliminating inefficient manual steps in your PO process and reduce the work needed to get critical parts and supplies to your vessels.

What data can be transferred?

With purchase order integrations, we can transfer a wide variety of data, including:

  • Requisition type
  • Description
  • External number
  • Vendor
  • Estimated price
  • Quantity
  • Due date
  • Status
Requisitions module used for the purchase order integration
Helm CONNECT module required for user integration

Accounts Receivable Integrations

Accounts receivable (AR) integrations are recommended for all Helm CONNECT Jobs subscribers to improve efficiency and your company’s cash flow. With this integration, all AR and AP transactions created in Helm CONNECT will automatically be transferred to your accounting system to ensure accurate records between the two systems. This removes the manual transfer of data, eliminating errors and greatly reducing the time between job completion and invoicing.

What data can be transferred?

With accounts receivable integrations, we can transfer a variety of data, including:

  • Invoice information
  • Order information
  • GL coding configured in Helm CONNECT
  • AP transactions like rebates or commissions
  • Fuel prices and exchange rates used for a specific order if tracked in Helm CONNECT

Customer Integrations

Customer integrations connect your financial system with Helm CONNECT to optimize workflows and sync customer data. During this process, all relevant information is transferred from your external system into Helm CONNECT, keeping your customer data up-to-date whenever there is a change in the master data. This integration allows all customer data to be managed in a single system, saving time, and eliminating errors caused by redundant data entry.

What data can be transferred?

With customer integrations, all relevant customer-related information for Helm CONNECT Jobs can be synced with your system of record, including:

  • General customer information
  • Specific accounts connected to those companies
  • Specific addresses connected to those accounts
Requisitions module used for the purchase order integration

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