21 Mar 2018
Ashley Dueck
Marketing Manager

Helm Operations is a software company, based in Victoria, BC, that makes operations software for the maritime industry. Traditionally our industry has solved their operations management through paper or complicated to use software systems. Helm makes their lives easier. Our software, called Helm CONNECT, is made up of four products – Maintenance, Compliance, Personnel, and Jobs.

The company was established in 1999 by our CEO and has since grown to 70 employees.
Our target market is the workboat industry. We provide solutions for harbour docking, inland barging, passenger vessels, fishing boats, and offshore supply vessels. Majority of our business is located in the US Southern States, however we do have customers all over the world in Europe, South America, Australia, and Central America.

This year we expanded our office to The Netherlands and will be pursuing the European market aggressively.