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Can you improve crew retention?

Read how one company reduced turnover by 58%

Reduce Turnover
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Track every Action Item to completion

Helm CONNECT Action Items

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Compliance software designed for crew by crew


Reduce Audit Prep
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Make data transfer more efficient between vessels and shore


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Inland Barging

Helm Marine Operations™ Software

Helm ship management software improves marine fleet operations.

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Who uses Helm?

Prove compliance

Close the loop on fleet compliance management, minimize the frequency and severity of incidents and significantly reduce audit preparation time with  Helm CONNECT HSQE operating software. 

Optimize your fleet

Increase fleet utilization, visibility, efficiency and profitability with Helm Dispatch Manager™ ship management software. 

Unlock knowledge

Access ship and fleet management expertise on reducing crew turnover, building a sustainable safety culture, successful change management and more through our knowledge center

Improve communication

Get better data from vessels to shore with the most crew-friendly ship management software Helm Onboard™.

How to Choose the Right IT Solution

Over 50% of software implementations run over budget, schedule and scope. How can you avoid these pitfalls? This whitepaper explains essential considerations for planning and implementing new IT/ Operating Software solutions for businesses throughout the marine industry.

Highlights include how to:

  • Choose the right stakeholders
  • Use effective project management
  • Define scope correctly
  • Get an escrow agreement
  • Properly vet vendor size and experience
  • And much more!