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Intuitive compliance software designed for workboat by workboat

Helm CONNECT Preventive Maintenance

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Getting your workboat crew engaged with safety

Achieve greater buy in and long lasting change

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Helm ship operating software improves marine fleet management


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Prove compliance

Close the loop on fleet compliance management, minimize the frequency of incidents and significantly reduce audit preparation time with  Helm CONNECT Preventive Maintenance operating software. 

Optimize your fleet

Increase fleet utilization, visibility, efficiency and profitability with Helm Dispatch Manager™ ship management software. 

Unlock knowledge

Access ship and fleet management expertise on reducing crew turnover, building a sustainable safety culture, successful change management and more through our knowledge center

Improve communication

Get better data from vessels to shore with the most crew-friendly ship management software Helm Onboard™.

Get Your Crew Engaged with Safety

Though many workboat companies state that safety is their number one priority, many struggle with building a sustainable, safety-oriented culture. To develop a safety culture that is a long lasting, integral part of your day to day operations it often falls to the engagement level of crews, and how they embrace safety every day. So how do you change a mindset towards better engagement? Find out in this paper that also reveals: 

  • How to create motivations for safety
  • The potency of must versus want
  • The most effective leadership styles for crew engagement
  • How to manage safety variables and in a performance ecosystem.